Getting Answers to Some Health Concerns

When it comes to feeling and looking better, everyone has a question or two. Health concerns and questions are common.

I'm proud to say that I have learned a thing or two in this business. I enjoy being able to provide my customers with real answers; with their permission, I want to share some of the common health concerns.

My motto is 1 question provides 100 answers. :)

Health Questions and Topics

Aging/Life Changes

  • What is my true (real) age?
  • I feel old! How to feel younger.
  • I want to be a healthy mom.

  • Body Care

  • Why is my hair shedding and breaking?
  • What is causing my bad breath?

  • Illness and Infections

  • I have recurring vaginal infections.

  • Weight and Nutrition

  • Does taking a supplement cause weight gain?
  • I need to lose a few a timely fashion.
  • My wife is trying to make me to eat fish!
  • Will taking fish oil cause weight loss?

  • Other Health Stuff

  • What are the benefits of red mushroom?
  • Supplements for a mens health fitness program?
  • What are some green tea health benefits?
  • What are the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal?

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