Hair Breaking Off and Shedding

Question: I have started to notice that my hair is shedding and breaking off so much more than what it use to. I was very surprised the other day when after brushing my hair I saw a nice size ball of hair left in the brush. Is there anything I can do to help with this problem?

hair loss

Answer: Some hair breaking and shedding is normal. As we age our bodies become less able to use the nutrients we put in it, leading to thinner hair that sheds more easily. I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm just giving you a heads up :).

There are a few other reasons why your hair is breaking off and may be shedding at a more noticeable rate. One biggie is diet.

If you have changed your eating habits or are eating less, you may not be getting the proper nutrients your hair needs to remain healthy. That doesn't mean that you are going to go bald anytime soon, it just means you need to be sure to add a multivitamin to your daily routine.

Stress also plays a role in hair loss. Good blood circulation is critical to hair growth and necessary to decreasing the amount of your hair that is breaking off and shedding. Stress puts a damper on blood circulation and can cause some hair loss.

Anything that causes a hormonal imbalance such as pregnancy, medication, illness and disease can cause hair shedding and hair breakage of varying degree.

Where have you noticed your hair breaking? If you hair is breaking around the edges or in the middle, this may be a result of hair pulling and tight styles. Rubber bands and hair ties with metal holdings can easily pull hair out.

I noticed you said you brushed your hair. My question is how often do you brush your hair. Not brushing your hair everyday will cause left over shedding.

Left over shedding is the shedding that occurs when you finally comb or brush your hair. Your hair is suppose to shed a certain amount each day. When you brush daily you don't notice much, however; if you do not, then when you finally do brush, you get the loose hairs that should have been brushed out awhile ago, making it look as if your hair is shedding more.

Recommended Products:

Antioxidants: will reduce free radical damage to your hair follicles.

Amino acids and Essential fatty acids: strengthen and nourish hair. Amino acids assist in the forming of protein in the body. Hair is made of nearly 98% protein. Be sure to eat your fish (I like salmon :))

A multivitamin supplement can provide the nutrients you are missing. I like Double X. I must say, the company that makes Double X does not advertise it as a hair loss supplement, but I have noticed that my hair looks shiny, thick, and full (plus my skin looks good too).

Biotin is a must have for any hair beauty program. It is the key ingredient in any hair, skin, and nails formula.

A herbal scalp treatment containing either of the following-sesame seed oil, black seed oil, or rosemary (for its circulatory and antioxidant effect). I like the oils and shampoos from Mountain Rose Herb.

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