Did You Know That | Facts On Fats and Oils

Did you know that not getting enough fats and oils can actually be harmful to your brain and organs.

Yes, for optimum health it is necessary to keep fats and oils to a minimum, however; it is not necessary to avoid fats and oils like the plague. Your body needs some high-quality fats and oils, called essential fatty acids (EFAs). These fatty acids contribute to the health of all the cells in your body, your organs, and your brain.

Did you know that the best oil to cook with is olive oil.

Unlike other cooking oils, olive oil doesn't break down easily, creating toxic ingredients that are unhealthy and hard to digest. Olive oil is very high in monounsaturated fats, the healthiest fat. It is the only and best oil you should cook with, however; it is not a good deep frying oil. ***Wink, Wink***You shouldn't be eating a lot of deep fried foods anyway. :)

Did you know that oils are healthier when they are not heated.

Any oil is better uncooked than cooked. Cooking oil alters the chemical structure of the oil and can cause it to become even more harmful. Olive oil, sesame seed oil, and flaxseed oil are especially healthiest when uncooked.

Did you know that you should keep oils in the refrigerator.

This was new to me too. I grew up in the South and oil was usually stored in a cabinet or pantry, but I've learned different. Light and air actually degrade oil and strip it of it's nutrients.

Did you know that almost half of the adults in the U.S. do not understand the difference in fats.

Most people know that they should limit there intake of saturated fats. Most people also know that fish is good for them even though it is high in fats and oils, however many people could not tell you why. There is a difference in the fats, with saturated being the worst, of course.

Did you know that a deficiency in essential fatty acids (EFAs) is one of the top 10 most common nutritional deficiency in developed countries.

Why is that? Well, we've been taught that fat is bad and because fat is bad, we try to avoid it. It's only been in more recent years that people have begun to recognize the benefits of EFAs like omega-3.

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