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Everyone has a story and everyone has a reason for doing what they do...all behavior is purposeful. So why and how did I create Vitamins-and-Health-Facts.com? I'm sure many of you are wondering how an elementary school teacher created a site about health or even how to create a site at all. Well, I've got a few answers for ya!

Who are you and what is your name?

Well, my name is Contrice and I am the ghost writer behind Vitamins-and-Health-Facts.com...okay seriously, I'm a school teacher who wanted a healthier life and a better body (just being honest).

So what makes a school teacher want to create a site on health and vitamins?

Because I was fat! If you read my story, you will learn that at one point I was only a few numbers away from 300 pounds.

As I begin to learn more about my health and begin loosing the weight, I thought ,"I am not the only person going through this. Why not take my skills of teaching elementary students and apply them to health, tell people what I've learned."

Let's face it, often the average person can not absorb the health and vitamin information they read. The words are often so big and medical, that the everyday person who has not studied doesn't get it.

I thought that there should be a place where people could learn about what they wanted to learn about. I don't know if I care so much about a vitamin being an "organic chemical compound" and what that means. What I do care about is what vitamins I need and how they can benefit me...I'm sure there are others who feel the same way.

How did you create your site? What resources did you use?

I created my site using Site Build It! or as many often call it, SBI! I had tried other ways to create a site, but they were just too difficult.

I was doing some research about how to create a website or blog and I came across Site Build It! (SBI!).

I am a beginner at creating websites. I wanted something easier and better than what I had previously used and failed with.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SBI!. It is the easiest and most effective website builder I have ever used. Any one who is thinking about building a web page, this is the way to go. Not only is SBI! easy to use, but there were many success stories that caught my attention.

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Do you use the brand that you promote on your site?

Of course, that's the only reason I know it's a good brand. I promote Nutrilite because I believe in the product. I know what the products have done for me and I know what they can do for other people.

I became a licensed distributor of Nutrilite because the products are excellent. Since I was buying the brand anyway, I figured it made more sense to buy them from myself instead of others. Plus there is great earning potential.

I choose Nutrilite because I like the products. I promote Nutrilite because I like the products...simple as that.

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