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I am proud to be able to tell you that I am a teacher, an elementary teacher. It's a career that I love and really enjoy. Like every career, it has ups and downs. It's my career as an elementary teacher that lead me to create this site Vitamins-and-Health-Facts.com.

"I kept getting sick and I was getting fatter."

In any career that involves working in close contact with people, there is a risk of catching all types of germs and minor illnesses. Being a teacher is no different, especially an elementary teacher.

Think about it, this is the age group that is still learning how to wash there hands, not to mention washing them when coming out of the bathroom...or sneeze...or wipe their noses.

In the early years of my teaching career, I often found myself getting sick with some type of virus or bacteria that sick children can bring into the classroom. Not to mention, my weight had ballooned to almost 300 pounds. The staff luncheons, the goody bags, and treats from the kids combined with very little exercise, I'm embarrassed to say that it just kinda came out of nowhere.

On top of it all, my skin was turning on itself. I had bumps, rashes, and patches of dry skin on my body, especially my face..

So one day while I was home sick (of course), I looked in the mirror and was really irritated with myself. I looked horrible! I thought where did this come from...Is this me?

I decided to make an appointment with my doctor because at 24 years old, I should not have been feeling that way. I was often tired, had frequent headaches and back pain, felt bloated and constipated, and had all day food cravings (there was never a time that I did not want to eat). My doctor confirmed what I was already thinking. I was overall healthy, but I wouldn't be for long if I continued on the path that I was on. She told me (in so many words) that I needed to take better care of myself.

I needed to loose some major weight (of course) and I needed to focus on getting in some vitamins, minerals, and all that good stuff. My doctor wanted to prescribe that stuff to me, but I had a different plan. A plan that we discussed and she agreed too.

"So I contacted a friend that knew about some health products that I wanted to try."

This particular friend had invited me before to an health expo. At that time I did not buy anything, but now I was looking to learn. She introduced me to her products from a company called Nutrilite.

She sat down with me, explained the supplements, and got me started on a supplement program. What I liked most was that these were organic-fresh vitamins and supplements that were to benefit my entire health. They were not just for weight lost or just to keep me from getting sick. These were supplements I could take to feel better overall, with the benefits of weight loss.

"So how does this site fit into all of this?"

Well, as I was doing my research, I became very frustrated. I was eager to learn more about health, vitamins, and all that, but it seemed like everything was written for people who already knew something about the topic.

I knew nothing and I begin to think that I was not the only one. I wanted to create something that was easy to read, yet provided a decent amount of information to the beginner.

That's were Vitamins-and-Health-Facts.com came from. It's a site for you, it's a site for me, it's a site for all those people who want to learn about health, but could care less about the scientific structure of an amino acid.

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