Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamins and Supplements

Should I take supplements with or without food?

Unless your practitioner tells you otherwise, you should take supplements with food. Supplements are usually absorbed better with food because that is when all your digestive juices are most active. Also, if you are new to supplementing then taking them with food will help avoid any feelings of nausea.

How can I keep my vitamin pills from getting caught in my throat?

Swish the pills around in your mouth with a liquid like juice before swallowing. That will help them go down easier. Also continue to take a few good sips of the liquid after swallowing the pill. This forces you to swallow more and pushes the pull down. If it is extremely difficult for you to take pills, then opt for a liquid vitamin.

Which is better for you-liquid or solid vitamins?

Liquid vitamins are the most easy for your body to incorporate, however they often contain artificial colors and sweeteners. Children's vitamins are often made in liquid form or gummy form which also contain the artificial colors and sweeteners. For an adult, I would suggest sticking with a solid vitamin.

How do I choose the best vitamin brand?

See my tips for choosing a vitamin brand.

How often should I take a supplement?

Follow the recommended dose on your supplement container and the advise of you practitioner.

Should I take my vitamins at a certain time of day?

For best results, take your supplements with the morning and evening meal. If you're only taking them once a day, then take them in the morning.

Why do people use dietary supplements?

People use supplements for a variety of reasons. Often people are just looking to nurture their general health. Some people are on certain diets and look to supplements as a way to get the nutrients that they are missing in their diets. Others are looking to supplement for specific health benefits. It is important to remember that you are supplementing to fit your specific need. The question you should be asking yourself is "Why am I supplementing?"

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