Site Build It! Website Building For Beginners

Since the word has been out that I created, I have received several questions about how I learned to create a website.

The truth...I didn't. I didn't learn to create a website. Sure I learned some HTML to make my site look nice, but there is so much more that goes into creating a website that I don't know about and don't care to know about.

My focus was on creating content. I wanted to share information and help people. I did not want to learn how to build a website from scratch ;). This is why I chose Site Build It!. Site Build It! or SBI! allowed a new webbie like myself create a content rich and professional site.

All I had to do was bring my expertise. I was already eager to share all the information that I learned and accumulated about health and staying healthy; all I needed was the avenue to do just that.

Today is your lucky day...

You just discovered a site created by someone just like you. Someone who at one point had no clue about building a website and definitely had no idea about how to make money from it.

Now, I'm a professional webbie, who not only helps people just like yourself, but also makes money in the process. I'm singing Site Build It! from the rooftops.

Why choose Site Build It!...

Unlike the other web hosts, Site Build It! does more than just give you space for your site. As a beginner, you are going to need the direction that SBI! can provide you.

With Site Build It! you aren't left alone when it comes to building and marketing your site. SBI!'s block by block builder allows even the newest person build a professional site.

You will also receive the Video Action Guide, which will teach you how to build your website, publish content, get visitors to your site, and how to monetize your site.

The member forum is another reason to become and SBI! user. It is a great place for a beginner to ask questions and receive quality answers from successful SBI! users.

No other web host will do that for you. SBI! is all about building success.

Who Should Use SBI!...

SBI! is for anyone who wants to share quality information and help others and who wants to make money while doing it.

No, SBI! is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it easy and guaranteed money. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

If you are looking to make 1,000 or even 500 dollars by tomorrow, then SBI! is probably not for you.

But if you are ready to write content to share with others, learn how to make money, and can accept it may take some time... CONGRATULATIONS, you're in the right place. You could be another Solo Build It! success story.

Make Today The Day For Solo Build It!

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