Vitamin A | Benefits and Symptoms of Overdose and Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin that your body needs to maintain healthy skin and good eyesight.

Think of it as a moisturizer that works from the inside out. Vitamin A works to keep our skin and other mucous membranes from getting dry.

Not only does Vitamin A help keep our skin smooth and supple, it also protects our eyes from age-related degeneration.

Last but not least, Vitamin A encourages our immune systems to use the cells that we need to fight off infections.

It is a credible antioxidant and has been shown to aid in cancer prevention and acts as an active immune system enhancer.

Vitamin A is found naturally in orange and yellow fruits and vegetable as beta-carotene and in animal fats like egg yolks as retinol.

Beta-carotene has strong antioxidant abilities. It helps protect our skin and cells from the many toxic chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Retinol is essential to eye health (get it…Retinol-Retina-the retina is in your eye) and is a popular ingredient in beauty products.

Key Uses of Vitamin A

Used to treat mild infections

Improves poor vision (particularly night vision)

Helps treat problematic skin, including acne and dry skin

Vitamin A Deficiency and Overdose Symptoms

Symptoms of DeficiencySymptoms of Overdose
Poor night vision

Skin irritations (dry, rough, or cracked)

Dry eyes

Slow wound healing

Nerve damage

A decreased ability to taste, hear, and smell

Little to no perspiration

Increased risk of infections (particularly respiratory infections)

Liver damage

Cold like symptoms (headache, vomiting, fever)

Abnormal vision


Hair loss

Loss of appetite

Bone pain

Trouble sleeping

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