What You Should Consider When Choosing A Vitamin or Supplement.

After doing the research and deciding that vitamins and supplements would be of benefit to you, you now have to make an informed decision about what brand to buy.

All brands are not created equal. Many supplements sold in vitamin stores are made with synthetic ingredients. What a waste of money!

It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed with all the products on the shelf. There are fifty different brands of the same supplement, all claiming to be best.

Below are some factors I considered when I chose my vitamin brand. You should consider them when choosing your vitamin brand.

Price-Supplements Cost Money! You Don't Want to Buy The Price, But You Don't Want To Break The Bank!

Don't buy the price! If you buy the cheapest brand, you are surely buying cheap ingredients and usually synthetic ingredients. You want to give yourself the best. Buy quality supplements! However, don't buy the most expensive vitamin on the market. Do some research. There are some really great online companies that offer quality vitamins. I would say to stick within the price range of 20-70 dollars-depending on the supplement.

Brand-Does The Brand Offer A Complete Line of Supplements?

You want nutritional supplements from a company that makes nutritional systems. This allows for brand loyalty.

It's easier to stick with one brand instead of having to repeatedly search for different brands for different types of supplements.

Think about this: during times of fad or trend (when everyone is doing it) companies want to monetize. Every company comes out with the newest and latest thing.

You don't want those companies. You want the company who is in it for the long haul and not just to jump on the latest trend.

Brands that offer whole brand systems usually provide pure-organic vitamins and supplements and other health products.

Does the Brand Use "Real" Ingredients?

Many of the leading vitamins on the shelves today are made with synthetic (fake) ingredients. That's right...fake stuff! If you are buying these, you are wasting your money.

When you take these supplements, many of the ingredients do not dissolve in your body. This means your body is not getting the nutrients promised on the package.

You want a supplement that is organic and plant-based. You want a supplement made out of real stuff. Why? Because our bodies recognize and use real food and nutrients but rids itself of junk.

My number one choice for a safe vitamin and supplement brand is Nutrilite, made with 100% organic-real ingredients.

What Does The Supplement Offer?

The reason people who take vitamins often go for a multivitamin is because multivitamins offer several nutrients in on easy dose. Many supplements from trusted companies do the same thing.

Sure there are times when you will want one specific nutrient for a specific health benefit, but in general if you can get a good two for one, I say go for it.

It is easier and more pocket friendly to buy a quality B-complex vitamin then to buy each B-vitamin independently :).

K.I.S.S Vitamins and Supplements

Keep It Simple Silly! If you are new to supplementing then please do not go off and buy every supplement for every health goal you want to reach. Keep it simple!

Choose one or two health goals, and buy supplements to help with those goals. See how they make you feel and then add to the routine. You may discover that you feel and look great with the vitamins or supplements you are taking.

Just start slow-that way you are not wasting money.

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