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Question: Let me just start by saying that I know trying to lose weight too fast is not the best way to go. I'll follow that up with a big I DON'T CARE. I need to lose a few pounds and I need to do it in about a month. I'm going on a cruise. Yes, I've known about this cruise for over 6 months now and I was fine with my weight, until my fiance's very competitive and judgmental sister made it a point to remind me that I'll be wearing a swimsuit...as I ordered tacos at a restaurant. I replied "I have this under control, thank you." It's not that I care about what she thinks, I just want to look better than her on the cruise. What can I do?

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Answer: I definitely appreciate your honesty. We have all felt that way at some point. Maybe not in that exact situation, but I get it. I know what you're saying.

The good news is that I was able to lose 10 pounds in one month without having to change much, so I'm sure you can do that too. Ten pounds doesn't sound like much, but it is definitely a noticeable difference and it can be done safely. That's what you want.

One thing you can do is limit your carbohydrate intake. Lay off the pasta, rice, bread, and sweets or take a carb blocker, however; you must be careful with those because all of them are not safe. I have my favorite brand that I recommend on the bottom of this page. If you take a carb blocker, take a multivitamin with it.

Choose natural complex carbs like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains don't elevate your blood sugar or cause a slower metabolism, fatigue, and sweet cravings.

If you find it to difficult to limit your carb intake, try eating them in the mornings or lunch but not at dinner. Doing this will give you time through out the day to burn them off, so that you don't take them to bed with you. Also, try not to eat 1 1/2 hours before you go to bed.

Switch your ordinary beverage to water and tea. Not the sugary tea that you get in restaurants, but teas like oolong tea, which can aid in weight loss. You will be surprised at how much better you feel and how much flatter your tummy will look.

No you don't have to join a gym, but a few tummy lifts wouldn't hurt. Lay flat on your back with your legs together and extended out. Lift your legs up and toward your stomach area until you have your lower back off of the floor. You should feel it in your lower abdomen. Do three sets of 10-12. This will help tone that lower abdomen area while you lose weight.

In may sound strange, but taking a good multivitamin can help with appetite. When your body has what it needs, it craves less. I found that once I started taking my multivitamin, I really was less hungry.

Recommended Supplements:

Oolong tea boosts metabolism, suppresses sugar cravings, and helps also burn fat. Be careful, some brands can be fairly expensive. Mountain Rose Herb offers a quality oolong tea at a very decent price.

Nutrilite's carb blocker 2 is the brand I trust and recommend.

Yerba Mate assists weight loss by increasing the time it takes food to go through your digestive tract, helping users feel fuller for longer. It also helps fight fatigue, promoting a need to "get up and move" without causing "a need for speed" or jitterness. It can be found at Mountain Rose Herb or in Nutrilite Slimmetry.

Double X is a multivitamin, multimineral, and phytonutrient.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG has also been in the news lately for its many weight loss success stories.

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