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Question: I feel old and I think that I'm too young to feel old. I'm in my early thirties but I don't feel as if I look like I'm in my early thirties and I definitely don't feel like I'm in my early thirties. What can I do to not feel old? My family says that I am in some of the best years of my life, yet I feel sluggish, I get sick frequently, and I feel unattractive. I feel old and I don't know what to do about it. Help!

Answer: You are not alone in this. Many people have those days when they just don't feel like they're living their best life. However, when those days seem to fill up your calendar, then we have a problem. No one wants to sing the "I feel old blues." No one wants to feel like they are "too young to feel old." There may be many things going on in your thirties, but being old is not one of them.

10 Factors That Influence Early Aging

  • Diet
  • A healthy diet is key to feeling good about yourself. Overeating or eating the wrong types of food can cause weight gain, laziness, and feelings of guilt. Diets high in processed foods, bad facts, simple carbohydrates, and sugar are usually pretty good at making us feel pretty bad.

    You need all the right nutrients and a wholesome diet that includes fresh and vital foods-fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts-and fewer animal foods. The right fatty acids and good quality oils are very important. A proper diet can increase your energy levels and promote mental well being and confidence. When we put good food in your bodies, we are even more likely to take care of our bodies in other ways.

  • Smoking
  • Are you a smoker? Smoking cigarettes is a sure way to get you feeling older than you are. Smoking ages people beyond their years and can contribute to a number of diseases. Smokers often say "I feel old" or "I look old" because smoking effects the immune system, leading to more illnesses, effects the respiratory system and breathing, and causes wrinkles on the face at an earlier age. In fact, smokers are more likely to have a true age that is 10 years older than their actually age.

  • Drink water as your main beverage.
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps everything working in your body, hydrating the skin, cleansing toxins from the cells, and circulating all your nutrients.

  • Get regular exercise.
  • Moving your body and following a balanced, regular exercise program can keep you fit and feeling youthful. All exercise and movement contribute to relaxation and a clear mind.

    Exercise promotes confidence and self esteem, just the same way that eating a good diet does. Also, people relate a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight with being older. If you're saying "I feel old" or "I'm too young to feel old," this could be great step to feeling younger or feeling your age.

  • Take your vitamin supplements.
  • Although eating a healthy diet is the best way to get vitamins and supplements, the fact is that diet alone is not enough to get all the nutrients the body needs. Taking vitamin supplements helps to supply the entire body with all the natural substances it needs to perform the millions of functions needed everyday.

    When our bodies are deficient in a particular nutrient or nutrients, the result can include fatigue, poor digestion, dry skin, fat storage, food cravings, irritability and mood swings, a weakened immune system, body coldness, and hypertension just to name a few. There is a long list of side effects from vitamin deficiencies. The point is this, take your supplements! Every basic vitamin routine should include a good multivitamin and fish oil.

  • Take antioxidant supplements.
  • Scientist have discovered that free radicals, may be responsible for much of the tissue damage that occurs during the aging process. If you are feeling old, then your body may be acting older than it is and free radicals could be the guilty party. Free radicals damage the skin and collagen, speeding wrinkling, and contribute to other issues such as fatigue and the hardening of blood vessels. The best way to protect your body from free radicals is with antioxidants.

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  • Take time to clean your insides.
  • Taking time for a body cleanse gives the body a break from the abuse that we put it through everyday. When we allow our bodies to get rid of the gunk that it has accumulated, then the body is able to function better. We we do not allow our bodies to take a break, the side effects can include poor digestion, constipation, belly bloat, inflammation, and fatigue. Body toxins can cause us to feel old. It is a problem that is easily treated with the occasional body cleanse of fruits, vegetables, and water; particularly raw fruits and vegetables. This is a great start to any weight loss program and a great addition to any lifestyle program.

  • Learn to handle stress.
  • Frustration, anger, worry, extreme emotions in general, and stress of all kinds affect the body and create damaging chemical reactions in the body, such as more free radicals. Stress can also lead to other issues such as overeating and depression. My advice is to take time to relax and clear your mind. Review a book or two about how to manage your stress and organize your life if need be.

  • It's okay to care about the way to look.
  • I know it seems superficial, but your appearance can affect the way you feel. I always feel that the person makes the clothes and not the other way around, however; if you're wearing frumpy clothes and you feel like an old frumpy person, then this may be a good place to start. Try adding color to your wardrobe or nice shoes (that are not sneakers). Even changing your hair cut or hair color can put a lift in your day.

    Too often people think it's selfish or conceited to be concerned with their outward appearance. I think that your appearance reflects how you feel about yourself and should be a reflection of yourself and personality. Take time to look good. You'll feel better about yourself and feel more attractive.

  • Think positively about yourself and treat yourself with love and respect.
  • Attitude is extremely important. Loving yourself and expressing this love for yourself enables you to adopt many other healthy habits. Your own voice is the loudest sound you will ever hear. If you are constantly telling yourself "I feel old. I'm tired. I'm unattractive." Take a guess at what's going to happen. You are going to start believing and feeling the talk. Instead, tell yourself more positive things. Feeling worthy is the first step. Attitude is the single most important key to happiness and long life.

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