Threonine is an important ingredient in many body proteins. It is necessary for the formation of tooth enamel, elastin, and collagen. Doctors usually use threonine to help relax the muscles of patients with diseases that cause painful muscle contractions, like multiple sclerosis (MS)

Threonine is an immune-enhancing nutrient. Along with some other amino acids, it promotes growth and activity in a way that can strongly influence the body's immune system.

Key Uses of Threonine
*Helps support proper protein balance in the body

*Prevents the buildup of fat in the liver by supporting lipotropic, a substance that controls fat buildup in the liver

*Acts a muscle relaxant for those suffering from painful muscle disorders

Food Sources: Most meats, dairy, and eggs contain the best amounts of threonine. Smaller amounts are found in nuts, beans, and seeds. The smallest amounts are found in vegetables and grains.

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