Cysteine is an important amino acid needed for many metabolic occurrences. Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. Cysteine must be present before certain enzymes, such as glutathione, can occur. Glutathione is used by the body, especially the liver, to fight and disable harmful free radicals. When combined with other chemicals, cysteine can also prevent damage from alcohol and tobacco use.

Glutathione forms essential enzymes. It is often added to nutritional formulas that help clear certain chemical toxins. Glutathione is used for protection against cancer, cataracts, and some skin problems.

Key Uses of Cysteine
*Provides protection from chemical toxins and supports detoxing and withdrawal in smokers and alcoholics.

*May help prevent cataracts and cancer.

*Aids in anti-aging programs

*Promotes liver healing and rebuilding

*May help protect the lungs from free radicals and toxins that could cause or worsen some lung diseases, such as emphysema

*Acts as an expectorant and clears mucous

Food Sources: Poultry, yogurt, oats, egg yolks, garlic, onions, broccoli


Cystine is formed by two cysteine that link to form a bond.

Key Benefits of Cystine
*Powerful antioxidant that protects against radiation and pollution

*Fights free radicals and slows aging

*Promotes skin, hair, and tissue formation

*Aids in burn and surgical healing

*Reduced inflammation

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