Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid increases brain activity. It is usually found in lower amounts in those suffering from depression. Aspartic acid is not the most important amino acids for mood disorders, but it is often added to formulas for mood disorders and for immune system weakness.

Aspartic acid is essential to the process of mineral absorption and use in the body. It makes minerals such as calcium and magnesium, easier to digest and utilize.

Aspartic acid is used to form aspartame. Aspartame is the commonly used artificial sweetener. When consumed on a regular bases, it can be a mild irritant to the nervous system.

Key Uses of Aspartic Acid
*To aid in depression

*Aids in energy production from carbohydrates

*Increases resistance to fatigue

*Mineral absorption in the body

*Liver detoxification

Food Source: Protein foods are the best sources (meat, fish, eggs, and soybean).

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