A function of arginine, an amino acid, is to support male fertility. Several studies have shown that arginine can improve male fertility and sperm function. It also increases blood flow to the penis, which may be a benefit to those suffering from impotence or other erectile matters.

It is also an essential for proper childhood growth and has been proven to be a benefit during times of stress.

Key Uses of Arginine
*Arginine helps build hormones which aid in growth, muscle development, weight reduction, immune functions, and wound healing.

*Supports body building

*Can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

*Beneficial to those at risk of diabetes or are borderline diabetic

*Supports growth in kids

Food Sources

Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts, and fish have high levels or arginine. Soy is another source of arginine.

Warning: If you have herpes, talk to your doctor before using an arginine supplement. Arginine can contribute to herpes outbreaks. People with cold sores or genital herpes may experience more frequent or severe outbreaks.

Arginine also causes the release of insulin. Diabetics and those sensitive to insulin should be monitored by a doctor when using this supplement.

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