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Aloe Vera

The juices of the aloe plant have many significant medicinal uses. It is one of the most respected herbal plants and can be found in many gels, creams, and lotions.

Aloe gel and aloe juice, although made from the same aloe plant, offer different benefits.

Aloe gel is often used to soothe and heal wounds, burns and poison plant irritations. Its anti-bacterial, fungal, viral, and anti-inflammatory abilities help prevent infections and inflammation that can occur in damaged skin. Aloe gel also contains antioxidants vitamin C and E.

Aloe juice is used to treat internal ailments such as ulcers and arthritis. It's most popular use is as a powerful laxative used to treat constipation and colon conditions such as colitis.

Anise Seed

Anise seed has been a popular remedy for hundreds of years. The healing powers of anise seed are so well established that the herb is commonly used to break up congestion, ease coughing, and to relieve gas. This herb is best enjoyed as an herbal tea.

Anise seed provides a licorice-like aroma that aids digestion; it can be found in licorice tasting cough drops.

Anise seed has also been used as a mental and mood enhancer. It has the ability to inspire feelings of euphoria or well-being.

This herb can be toxic in large doses and should be used with caution by everyone, but especially pregnant women and small children.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh has track record for treating female complaints such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptoms, and menstruation pains such as cramps. It mimics hormonal activity and is useful in treating hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and depression associated with menopause.

Often thought of as a herb for women, black cohosh also acts as a pain reliever for headaches, a muscle relaxant for tight muscles and muscle spasms, and as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis pain.

Although some herbalist are against using black cohosh during pregnancy, others suggest that black cohosh can be used during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy to benefit the labor process. Always consult your practitioner :).


Burdock has a reputation as a liver cleanser that helps to clean and remove toxins from the body. This supplement helps cleanse the body from the inside and promotes sweating and urination to promote the removal of waste materials. It best benefits those suffering from poor liver and color functions and poor digestion.

Because of it cleansing effects, it is often recommended for various skin disorders often thought to be caused and worsened by toxins in the body such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Calendula, also known as marigold, is a common herb used for damaged skin. It is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects on most skin problems.

Calendula is used externally in creams and ointment for diaper rash, burns, bruises, surgical scares, and acne scares. It is also natures remedy for pick eye. The anti-bacterial calendula makes for a effective eye wash for conjunctivitis (pink eye).

It is used internally in tea and other tinctures for the treatment of ulcers, prevention of bacteria infections, and painful menstruation in women.

Cascara Sagrada

Got constipation? If so, you need cascara sagrada. Herbalists recommend cascara to those that suffer from chronic and frequent constipation. It acts as a laxative and improves bowel functions. Casacara sagrada increases the release of bile from the liver, preventing cell damage.


Yes, Cayenne. It's more than just a kitchen spice. Cayenne has some excellent health benefits. Its most notable benefit is as a circulatory stimulant. It increases the supply and movement of blood throughout the body.

It also encourages the removal of toxins, prevents and relieves cold symptoms, acts as a digestion promoter and pain blocker.

Cayenne supplements come in pill and extract form. Then there is the cayenne seasoning that can be brought from the spices aisle in most grocery stores, however; this form of cayenne is not generally produced for health benefits. Never put cayenne near the eyes, it will cause extreme discomfort.


Cilantro is a herb, a yummy herb that is often added to food. It has been long valued for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been studied for its benefits on cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. It is also used to aid in digestive disorders and cold remedies.

Cilantro is a natural healing herb. When it is consistently added to the diet, it can act as an immune system enhancer and toxic reducer. Cilantro has been linked to reducing the amount of heavy metal (especially mercury for all those seafood lovers) in the body through the urine.


Chamomile is know as the "herb of endless possiblities." There seems to be an endless list of possible uses for this herbal supplement.

It is well known for its effects on the nervous system. This herb has a soothing-calming effect with is an excellent remedy for problems arising from stress, anxiety, and tension such as restlessness and insomnia. It is also considered the best treatment for those suffering from nightmares.

Chamomile is also good at preventing inflammation, acting as an antibacterial, and assisting in the function of the digestive system. Many people use chamomile for indigestion and cramps. It is well suited for many common complaints such as stomachaches, fever, and irritability.


Cranberry is steadily climbing the charts as one of the top selling herbal supplements in North America. Cranberry is well known for its ability to both prevent and treat urinary tract infections. It prevents bacteria from lining and sticking to the bladder. Not only does it treat urinary tract infections, cranberry is a powerful antioxidant that has also recently been linked to kidney health.


Dandelion has a beneficial effect on the liver and is used to relieve symptoms associated with hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver congestion. It stimulates digestion and supports the liver to help rid the body of toxins that can trigger skin problems like acne.

The detoxifying, diuretic action of this herb has been shown to have a positive effect on weight management. Dandelion is a popular choice in many natural weight loss programs. It is recommended to relieve water retention.

This herb is also used for the treatment of headaches, constipation, and mood swings.


This immune boosting herb is widely used for colds, flu, and infections. Echinacea can enhance disease resistance, making it a good preventive supplement.

Echinacea is most effective when taken at the first sign of cold or infection. When fighting an already established illness, combining echinacea with other disease fighting herbs or with medication would be more beneficial.

Additional uses include treatment for minor skin irritations such as boils and as a mouthwash for gum problems.

Echinacea should not be taken for long periods of time. It should only be used when there is a need to help the immune system fight off infections.


Elder or elderberry cause the body to sweat, which is a natural way for the body to rid itself of toxins. This makes elder beneficial for fever, flu, and colds.

Elderberries have had many traditional healing uses including relief of constipation and diarrhea.


True to its name, feverfew reduces fever temperatures as well as relieving symptoms of colds, flu, and PMS.

This popular herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in treating arthritis and migraines. Feverfew prevents the restriction of blood flow which is a cause of many headaches and body pains. Better blood flow can also have a mild tranquilizing effect and promote relaxation...bye bye tension headache! :)

Feverfew is also a traditional remedy to remove parasites during body cleanses.

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